The Facts of Life Experience® is a simpler, smarter, more satisfying way of transforming your business.

It’s Simple:

  • No complex software or bulky materials
  • No need to sell, stress or struggle
  • An easily implemented process that takes the guesswork out of building your practice
  • Lightweight toolkit that leads you from one step to the next
  • Immediately build rapport and gain clear insight into your clients’ needs

It’s Powerful:

  • Your energy goes from selling to service
  • Instead of pushing products your focus is on solving your clients’ problems
  • Naturally builds a partnership with clients
  • Quickly moves clients into action and unlocks access to additional assets and opportunities

It’s Proven:
The Facts of Life Experience® is based on the same market-tested methods that built the Campisi Financial Network®.

It’s Transformative:
By aligning your personal and professional goals around the values of service, partnership and mutual success, FOLE reconnects you with the very best parts of being an independent financial advisor.