What is The Facts of Life Experience®?

Imagine a simple, turnkey system for growing your independent practice. A system that strips away the clutter and complexity of packaged ‘selling’ systems and puts the focus back where it should be – on creating enduring relationships with prospective clients.

Welcome to The Facts of Life Experience®.

What can The Facts of Life Experience® do for you?

Advisors who utilize the FOLE system will learn how to cultivate lasting client relationships that will help them sustain their practice for years to come.

Those who adopt the FOLE brand are poised to have a distinct competitive advantage by differentiating themselves from other sales-driven financial advisors.

Those utilizing FOLE are also likely to experience deeper personal satisfaction from integrating their business and personal goals around client service and mutual success.

Finally, FOLE users should see more assets under their management by opening access to assets and opportunities they didn’t know existed.

How is FOLE different from other financial planning ‘selling’ systems’?

First off, FOLE is simple. There are no complex software or bulky manuals – just an easy-to-implement process that takes the guesswork out of building a financial planning practice.

The system is also practical. It contains nine custom processes that effortlessly lead advisors through each aspect of a client’s financial plan, including investments, taxes, risk management, debt, retirement, estate planning and more.

Lastly, the system is powerful, showing advisors how to quickly move clients into action, thereby unlocking access to additional assets and opportunities.

What makes The Facts of Life Experience® so effective?

Perhaps most importantly, the FOLE process begins with a powerful opening question that prompts clients to share what really matters to them. This is slated to occur during the initial client meeting.

Advisors are also provided with the tools to quickly document a client’s entire financial situation, so needs and opportunities can quickly be identified.

FOLE also offers advisors a process making specific financial recommendations based on clients’ deepest motivations.