The Facts of Life Experience® Success

I’ve known Joe for the past 12 years. Over that time I’ve come to know him not only as a professional but also as a good friend for which I’m very thankful.

His experience and knowledge in both the investment and accounting / tax fields is impressive. He has built a very successful business around these disciplines as well as a production group in excess of forty similar professionals in both of these fields. Through his creation of the FOLE (The Facts of Life Experience®) concept, he is able consolidate the various aspects of financial planning into a process that is both easy to understand and easy to use as a teaching training for other professionals entering the planning business.

Dave Williams, CFP®, CPA
Investment Advisor Representative
WMS Advisors, LLC


Joe has been a professional associate and friend for 10 years. His facts of life experience process is a great tool for professionals to use when beginning work with new clients. This tool offers financial professionals a path to follow that avoids the pitfalls of traditional product or service selling. Rather, this process offers an approach to discovering new client areas of discomfort and sources of pain. As a result, advisors can enjoy better success in earning the trust of new clients because you have discovered their problems. Then, you’re in a position to discuss solutions and identify the financial tools and decisions that fit them best.

Tim Carney, CFP®

Vermont Wealth & Retirement, LLC


It is no surprise that Joe Campisi has developed an excellent financial planning system that is all about the planner serving his or her clients. I have worked with Joe for well over a decade and he has always been about helping his clients and affiliated advisers. The FOLE process is a proven, practical financial planning system that planners can easily use in each aspect of the financial planning process. This comprehensive system is broken down in modules that can be used separately to meet client’s specific needs in nine selected areas, e.g., retirement planning, education funding or tax management.
This process – oriented system will help you serve your clients better as you help them reach their multiple goals in life.

Steven R. Porter, CFP®, MBA
Patuxent Financial Partners


I have grown a great deal as a financial advisor from the principals that Joe teaches in his system.  Working with clients and using the FOLE process is needed for a successful business and great relationship with clients.  Using these resources with little time commitment is a great foundation for a successful business.

I am an advocate for advisors and clients!

Tracy Bush, CEO

Legacy Financial Associates


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