You have chosen to adopt as your own personal brand a financial planning system designed to enhance the collaborative process between client and advisor.

Your brand is your business, and with this purchase you will be receiving a time-tested program that will help you better service your clients and also win over prospects who may be on the fence about financial planning services.

Our business truly is about relationships, and the Facts of Life Experience will give you the tools, processes and skills to master the art and science of client relationships.

Here is what is included in your lightweight tool kit for just $1,995.00 with an annual renewal of just $240 ($20 a month)

  • Everything is accessible online through the registration of an account
  • 9 Processes and all their easily downloadable documents to get you started first
  • Continued Right to our System to keep you updated
  • Access to the creator of the FOLE, Joseph G. Campisi
  • Personal Training & Webinars for continued support
  • Access to FOLE Insider for Sales Tips and Strategies