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For Financial Advisors


The Wishing Well®

The Wishing Well® is the initial meeting where you review what brought your client to this point; their feelings and experiences up to this time. You review the processes with them and what they can expect from your team and a continued relationship with the Campisi Financial Network®. You will provide an overview of the discussion containing dangers to be eliminated, opportunities to be focused on and a plan and path utilizing the specific tools and our unique methods.

The Taxability Metrics®

The Taxability Metrics® is our process of helping your clients keep more of what they earn.

The Leverage Identifier®

The Leverage Identifier® is our process of analyzing your client's current debt structure in light of their objectives and reorganizing, if necessary.

The Exposure Profiler®

Our Complete risk analysis process utilized to seek out, identify and eliminate or transfer unacceptable risks.

The Returns Analyzer®

The Returns Analyzer® is our process of dissecting your client’s investment portfolio to ensure it is aligned with their risk tolerance, goals, and time horizon.

You will provide reports, evaluate current positions and make suggestions for reallocation based on investment guidelines that you feel are appropriate for your clients given the universe of available products, strategies and the realities of the market place.

The Education Wizard®

The Education Wizard® is our process of evaluating the need and time horizon, quantifying the benefits of various plans and implementing the process to achieve your client’s educational goals.

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The Horizon Viewer®

The Horizon Viewer® is our retirement planning process for individuals and business owners.

The Legacy Approach®

The Legacy Approach® is our process designed to assist your client in lifetime planning issues, including contingency planning in case of incapacity and planning the most efficient and tax advantaged distribution of wealth at death.

The Facts of Life Monitor®

The Facts of Life Monitor® is our process involving the continued monitoring, support and communication which allows you to make any changes necessary to your client’s plan as their lives and goals evolve.